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Subject (LCTGM)
Business Districts (221)
Commercial Facilities (119)
Commercial Streets (99)
Horses (70)
Automobiles (69)
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Kloss, Athniel, 1868-1... (10)
Bell, Bert F. (4)
Gross, E. H. (Edward H... (4)
Olson, W. O. (4)
Brainerd, P. A. (3)
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 Image: Title: Subject (LCTGM): Description:

141. Edward Heinemeyer, the oldest resident in Mercer County Edward Heinemeyer, the oldest resident in Mercer County Adobe houses; Log buildings; Families; Carriages & coaches; Color postcard showing the Heinemeyer family standing in front of a rammed-earth brick house. A log structure is visible at right. Two carriages are also visible in the scene.

142. Gathering agate along the Missouri River Gathering agate along the Missouri River Rivers; Waterfronts; Men; Dogs; Embankments; Rocks; View shows three men and a dog along the shore of the Missouri River. In the background is a steep embankment.

143. City Hall, Stanley, N.Dak. City Hall, Stanley, N.Dak. City & town halls; Garages; Two story brick city hall building in Stanley, N.D. with two story portico over front entry and garage attached to right side of building.

144. Stady, N.D. Stady, N.D. Winter; Snow; Wooden buildings; Carts & wagons; People; View showing several wood frame buildings in Stady, N.D. taken in winter with snow on the ground. There is a large group of people standing among the buildings, along with several horse-drawn wagons and...

145. Spiritwood Lake, No. Dak. Spiritwood Lake, No. Dak. Lakes & ponds; Rowboats; Fishing; Resorts; Cabins; View showing a one story building with a bonnet roof, on the shore of Spiritwood Lake, N.D. with sign "Uneeda Rest". There are two boats in front of the building. The boat on the left has "Charrie Barnes"...

146. Merchants Hotel, Northwood, N.D. Merchants Hotel, Northwood, N.D. Hotels; Utility poles; Parapets; Two-story hotel on street corner with name of hotel on two sides of hotel in large letters. "1900 Hotel" in parapet.

147. Surrey 1909 Surrey 1909 Hotels; Meat industry; People; Wooden buildings; Two men and three women in front of a two story wood frame hotel building. A smaller one story wood building at left, with "Meat Market" signs posted on it.

148. Sutton, N.D. Sutton, N.D. Carriages & coaches; Horses; Automobiles; Business districts; Commercial facilities; Commercial streets; View looking at wood frame and brick commercial buildings along commercial street in Sutton, N.D. Horse-drawn carriages, automobiles and several people visible in the scene.

149. Old Wamduska Hotel, Stump Lake, N.D. Old Wamduska Hotel, Stump Lake, N.D. Lakes & ponds; Hotels; View looking across stump lake toward the Wamduska Hotel and other buildings.

150. Public school, Strasburg, N.D. Public school, Strasburg, N.D. Schools; Bell towers; Teachers; School children; Small wood frame school building with open bell tower and sign over door stating "1904". Group of teachers and school children standing in front.

151. Bird's eye view, Strasburg, N.D. Bird's eye view, Strasburg, N.D. Lumberyards; Business districts; Catholic churches; Cityscape photographs; Elevated view looking over Strasburg, N.D. Thompson lumberyard is in the foreground. Saints Peter and Paul's Church visible in the background.

152. Sterling, N.D. Sterling, N.D. Commercial facilities; Business districts; Hotels; View of business district in Sterling, N.D. showing several wood frame commercial buildings. The building in the center has a sign saying "Hotel". There are railroad tracks in the foreground, and a horse-drawn...

153. New Presbyterian Church, Stirum, N.D. New Presbyterian Church, Stirum, N.D. Presbyterian churches; Houses; Steeples; Building materials; View showing a wood frame church building with large windows and corner steeple. Some lumber visible on the ground in front of the building. A house is visible in the background. Image taken shortly after...

154. On the Ceder River, N.D. On the Ceder River, N.D. Ice industry; Ice; Laborers; Infants; Baby carriages; Streams; Winter; Snow; Carts & wagons; Horses; Men; Five men standing on a frozen creek cutting ice. Next to one of the men is a child in a baby carriage. Two of the men are standing with a horse -drawn wagon filled with ice blocks.

155. Hotel Lincoln, Northwood, No.Dak. Hotel Lincoln, Northwood, No.Dak. Hotels; Towers; Balconies; Street lights; Two-story brick building with steps leading to entrance on corner. There is a tower on the corner and balcony on two of the windows. "Hotel Lincoln" inset in freize and on sign above door. "Evanson Block"...

156. Stowers, N.Dak. Stowers, N.Dak. Post offices; Dirt roads; Mud; Carriages & coaches; Horses; Snow; View looking down a muddy rural road looking toward several small building. One of the buildings is likely the Stowers, N.D. post office. A horse-drawn carriage is visible at right. There is some snow...

157. Elevators & G.N. Station, Sutton, N.D. Elevators & G.N. Station, Sutton, N.D. Railroads; Locomotion; Grain elevators; Railroad stations; Water tanks; Railroad passenger cars; View showing a Great Northern Railroad train passing through Sutton, N.D. The train appears to be moving in front of three grain elevators, the one in the foreground has the name "K. M. Ellingsen" painted...

158. Into Canada from Neche, N.D. Into Canada from Neche, N.D. Bridges; Roads; View down center of road and bridge, of iron construction. Trees on either side.

159. Main St., Mylo, N.D. Main St., Mylo, N.D. Business districts; View down business district street with open country beyond in distance.

160. School at Munich, N.D. School at Munich, N.D. Schools; Students; Snow; Winter; Group of children and teachers standing outside two-story wood school with snow on ground. Bell tower on roof as well as a widow's walk.
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results 141-160 of 849 item(s)  page 8 of 43 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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