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 Image: Title: Subject (LCTGM): Description:

1. Use the Ladder! Use the Ladder! Apple trees; Ladders; Farmers; Prosperity; Political participation; Political organizations; Political cartoons; Periodical illustrations; Man, labeled 'Unorganized farmer,' lying on ground under apple tree waiting for apples to fall in hat in his lap from apple tree labeled 'Prosperity.' Nearby is ladder with label 'Nonpartisan League.'

2. Vision and the Realization Vision and the Realization Farmers; Legislation; Cornerstones; Factories; Laws; Economic policy; North Dakota farmer holding 'Laws, plans for economic democracy' beside cornerstone with 'North Dakota 1919' carved on front. Inset is image from the March 15, 1917 issue of the Nonpartisan Leader showing...

3. Some New Ground Being Broken This Spring Some New Ground Being Broken This Spring Plows; Plowing; Horses; Farmers; Political organizations; Man (N.D. farmer) with plow being drawn by two horses (Nonpartisan League), plowing the state of North Dakota with other men labeled as other region states looking on. Text for men representing states...

4. Corn Corn Corn; Farmers; Sun; Turkeys; Kissing; Smoking; Humorous pictures; Periodical illustrations; Humorous look at uses of corn and the word corn. Cartoon shows person with head as ear of corn with text "The Corn-belt is moving Up, (North) and text bubble "Guess they're goin' north with me." He is...

5. What the People Expect What the People Expect Democracy; Militarism; Earth; Soldiers; Political cartoons; Periodical illustrations; Woman, labeled 'Democracy' atop Earth having kicked soldier, labeled 'Militarism', who is falling down in sky, along with weapons and helmets.

6. Breaking Some New Ground Breaking Some New Ground Farmers; Plowing; Plows; Rocks; Tree stumps; Political cartoons; Politicians; Man, representing the North Dakota farmer, is guiding 'Nonpartisan League Plow' drawn by horse, with shadow of Abraham Lincoln behind him also with hands on plow. Being plowed up are rocks and tree stumps...

7. Frazier Summer Fallows Frazier Summer Fallows Plowing; Horses; Farmers; Politicians; Business people; Press; Fertilizers; Farmer, representing Lynn Frazier, plowing under weeds representing 'Big Biz,' ' Politicians,' 'Press,' 'Lies,' and 'Mud.' Text bubble of Frazier is "I'll plow these weeds under, they make good fertilizer!"...

8. Why not keep the money in the Northwest? Why not keep the money in the Northwest? Political cartoons; Periodical illustrations; Farmers; Weights & measures; Justice; Blindfolds; Cities & towns; Farms; Grain industry; Man, labeled 'The Farmer', kneeling before blindfolded woman representing justice and holding a scale that is empty for the rural area (West) while weighted down with buildings and money representing cities...

9. Difference in their past records Difference in their past records Political cartoons; Sick persons; Knives; Rifles; Farmhouses; Families; Cartoon panels both labeled 1933. The first shows man labeled Fred Aandahl with large knife in hand (with text '9% interest') beside a patient labeled 'Mortgaged Farmer,' with operating room doors in distance...

10. Christmas, Santa Claus, stockings and some other things Christmas, Santa Claus, stockings and some other things Political cartoons; Periodical illustrations; Christmas stockings; Christmas presents; Farmers; Chimneys; Beds; Sleeping; Crying; Series of cartoons under the theme of Christmas with images of Santa Claus, Nonpartisan League, North Dakota Farmer, Old Gang politician, Big Biz and North Dakota Legislature.

11. Robbing the cradle of the meat industry Robbing the cradle of the meat industry Political cartoons; Periodical illustrations; Cattle; Cradles; Meat industry; Knives; Man, labeled 'Meat Trust', with meat knife in one hand and yearling calf in another walking away from craddle labeled 'The Cattle Industry.' Beside craddle is a spilled bottle labeled 'No Feed.'
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results 1-11 of 11 item(s)  page 1 of 1 : ( <<  1  >> ) :: previous : next
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