About Concordia College Archives

The Concordia College Archives is the institutional repository for Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. As such, the Archives collects, preserves and makes accessible institutional records of enduring value, including meeting minutes, reports, correspondence, personal papers and publications associated with the college and its students, staff, faculty and alumni.

Concordia College is a private, co-ed, four-year liberal arts college located in Moorhead, Minnesota with a student body of 2,800 and 203 full-time faculty. Valuing quality education and religious heritage, Norwegian immigrants formed Concordia in 1891 to educate their youth. For its first quarter century, Concordia’s curriculum was primarily academy based; however, a four-year college curriculum was instituted in 1913. Concordia College is owned and operated by congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in northern Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana. Because of its Lutheran heritage, Concordia’s curriculum and learning environment supports the relationship of intellect and faith. Concordia offers 78 majors and 12 preprofessional programs and is nationally recognized for its study abroad programs and global education opportunities.

concordia College Archives’ Online Collection

As part of Digital Horizons, the Concordia College Archives has included its early photograph collection which depicts student life, building and grounds, college administrators, and local leaders in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Some photographs are regional in nature illustrating life in the Fargo-Moorhead area during the same time period.

Collection Policy

The Concordia College Archives is a collecting repository, gathering collections with research and local historical value even if unrelated to Concordia. For example, the Archives holds a Carl Ben Eielson collection, Civil War letters, missionary correspondence and various church histories. The Archives also collects and preserves artifacts associated with the college and those that are more general. Two artifact collections of particular interest are the Roald Amundsen collection containing the teeth of the famous explorer and the Perry Expedition collection housing the flag that flew on Commodore Perry’s ship to Japan in 1853.

For information on ordering copies of materials in the Archive's collection, you may review our Rights and Permissions Policy and download a printable Permission for Use of Photographic Images form in PDF format .

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